How countries differ in their sport representation at the Rio Summer Olympics

Percentage of athletes competing at the Rio 2016 summer olympics by country and by sport groups. The dotted horizontal lines correspond to the proportion of athletes over all nations competing for that sport. The different sport groups are shown under by order of athletes number importance.

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Team Sports icon  Team Sports

Basketball, football, handball, hockey, rugby-sevens, volleyball, water-polo  

Athletics icon  Athletics

Aquatics icon  Aquatics

Diving, marathon-swimming, swimming, synchronised-swimming 

Combat Sports icon  Combat Sports

Boxing, judo, taekwondo, wrestling

Rowing icon  Rowing

Racquet Sports icon  Racquet Sports

Badminton, table-tennis, tennis

Cycling icon  Cycling

Bmx, mountain-bike, cycling-road, cycling-track

  Other Sports

Archery, beach-volleyball, weightlifting, golf

Gymnastics icon  Gymnastics

Artistic-gymnastics, rhythmic-gymnastics, trampoline-gymnastics

Shooting icon  Shooting

Sailing icon  Sailing

Canoe icon  Canoe

canoe-slalom, canoe-sprint

Fencing icon  Fencing

Equestrian icon  Equestrian

Pentathlon & Triathlon icon  Pentathlon & Triathlon

Source: (data on 2016-08-05, 11397 athletes), Wikimedia (sport icons), R ggiraph (code) | | @duc_qn